Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kraft R/C Radios, accessories, Servos, ACE Servos NEW!

Kraft R/C Radios, accessories, Servos, ACE Servos NEW!

We have tons of R/C equipment, radios, planes, servos, servo trays Y Connectors, Servo Connectors, extenstion connectors etc.

There is WAY TOO MUCH to photograph and list individually. There are 4 more 15 II Kraft Servos and a K-Line Kraft radio and flight pack. There are two Kraft Gyros, recievrs 7 Channel Radio, 5 Channel Radio and 5 Channel K-Line Radio, ACE R/C ATLAS servos NEW, 650 MAH Battery Pack and alot more.

Building Accessories, Tatone Engine Thruster, nuts, bolts, connectors, Aluminum flight box, tools, glow plugs, Wing building jig, 4 carrying cases, 2 SLIDE DRAW TRAYS FULL OF LITTLE GOODY'S LIKE SERVO ARMS, MINI TORCH , SPECIAL HARDWARE etc. View all pictures.


We will not split any of this up as it will take forever to sell individually. If you are an true R/C enthusiasts then you know that there is at least $10 K you are looking at.

We are asking $4 K for all plus a 42 foot Fountain R/C BOAT AND RADIO not shown.



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